When the right doors are locked, you go where laziness prospers,

Tick, tock, tick, tock, sounds of ambition being conquered.

To short for the ladder, everyone’s a boss on your shift,

You’re not the janitor, but come pick up this shit.

There’s lots to do, don’t bother sitting down,

Why should I help?….Are the Big Bosses around?

You work so hard, you’ve got a great work ethic,

A raise? Don’t be ridiculous. We’ll pay you with compliments.

Zombies in suits chew common sense and spit out rules,

Stay later, work harder, we would never, but it’s ok for you.

So I wrote another ad

I know what you’re thinking.  So?  Well it’s hard.  And if you don’t think so – you should try it sometime.  Try researching something you don’t know anything about.  Then try thinking about how to make something you’re not sure you would ever buy, interesting enough so someone else would.  Then – try to keep writing and keep writing and keep writing.  And look at your stuff and know that it sucks and that you have to – keep writing.  And then go back and start over.  Work your menial job and try to stay focused, so when you get home instead of slacking off by playing MLB ’13 and rocking a serious 10 game winning streak where you feel you’re unstoppable – you keep writing.  Because when you finally, and i mean finally get it right – you know it.  And plus it’s a step closer to getting out of that job that makes you wish for a zombie apocalypse to come sooner than later.  But only if it’s NOT the one where you’re all already infected. That’s just too much and it’s completely unfair.  I mean what?! Already infected?  Screw that.  I wrote an ad.

Fallen Kingdom

I’m shaking my head raising my middle finger, you spit on loyalty and you’re deceit still lingers, you know who you are, who your treachery scarred, manipulating unwilling pawns from afar.

To slay the king, you committed acts of treason, sacrificing people to advance your position, sitting on a throne, built on riches you don’t own, you never earned, you know you don’t deserve.

You stole from the people, deceived those who believed you, locked, chained and shackled them in the dungeon, embarrassed to know them, the same ones who defended you, when your demons were coming.

The people haven’t forgotten, nor have they forgiven, they see you for what you are, as if it was written, in the blood of the king on the walls of his castle, where he was slain by one of the faithful.

Reincarnated the king tightens his circle and no longer condones, the treacherous nature of the two faced faithful, you appreciate nothing, stole your status and riches, you’ll never be granted an audience to ask for forgiveness.

my Logo

This is my logo. Hand drawn with a trusty Sharpie.  You can’t go wrong with a Sharpie.

Traced in Photoshop with the pen tool.  My goal was to create a simple authentic looking signature.

Earl Logo


If I had a key, to a door in the past

I’d step through time, explain that nothing lasts

And if you don’t walk away soon you’re feelings won’t pass

It will eat you from the inside out and that’s bad

Cause the only who cares is you and that’s sad

And everyone you talk too thinks you’ve gone mad

Cause they all know what happens at the end of your chapter

And your stories are always the same, so they don’t care what happens after.

You try to rewrite the ending even faster, but the ink disappears, so the story never matters

It sucks because the main character keeps on changing,

Feeling something in the beginning and nothing in the ending,

You haven’t changed you’re still the same,

But your character doesn’t belong anymore it’s so strange

Instead of starting over you choose to keep on fighting,

But the ink never dries so you have to keep on writing.

I made an ad

No seriously.  I think I just made an ad.  How do I know?  Well I didn’t throw it on the ground and kick it around my room.  That’s usually what i do.  I kick them.  I have successfully  kicked tonnes of balls of paper through my room that contain foolishness.  No. I didn’t get hurt kicking paper.  I kicked bed posts, desks, chairs, dressers, printers, walls, doors, door knobs (that one really hurt) and one time, I even kicked dumbbells.  Yeah, that’s right.  This genius kicked a dumb bell.  Which genius?  Touche. Pretend there’s the right accent on the e.  A genius wouldn’t kick a dumbbell.  Fine.  Dumb ass then.  Anyway, I digress.  I got caught up talking about things I have kicked in my room trying to write ads.  What was I saying?  Oh yeah, sometimes when I read them they really aren’t that bad.  Sometimes I beat myself up more than I should.  That’s obvious, I kicked dumbbells.  Or at least that’s what I have been told.  Please.  Sometimes you need to kick yourself.  Especially when you’re down. I’m laughing right now.  I like to drop “LOL” in the middle of a conversation with people, who wonder what the hell I’m saying.  No really.  Anyways I just made an ad.  Now I need to make 3 more.